Nixie Marie is an Eco-Entrepreneur, Mystic, and Goddess Activist living in Topanga, CA

As a Sagittarius, Nixie has a constant eagerness for knowledge and truth. She began her esoteric soul-searching journey upon moving to Los Angeles in 2013.  She instantly fell in love with the ancient teachings of Goddess Magick and launched I AM Goddess Collective Podcast in January of 2017 to fulfill her efforts in sharing her findings. 


Despite the many layers of our patriarchal society, Nixie is committed to empowering women to speak up, rise up, and become the leader they are destined to be through modern magick. 


With a background in Fashion Design, Nixie is a creative force that embodies the Goddess in everything she does.  

Tarot Reading- 1hr


Tarot Reading- 30min


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